We took a tour of the city we are visiting. It was a private tour and our guide was this man. rps20150721_084009
His name is Janvi and he speaks English very well. He spent a year living in New Zealand. Doug and I both agreed that it was nice to be able to speak English with someone else besides each other.
Janvi pointed out lots of historic sights and architecture, told us about the history of the area and took us to the largest medicinal market in Southern China. We saw so many interesting things. Different herbs and dried fish air bladders, enormous lichens and dried mushrooms and hundreds of other things you can ingest to help balance the yin and the yang (hot and cool) nature of your being. We saw big plastic tubs that were crawling with hundreds if not thousands of live scorpions. You could hear them all crawling around and trying to get up the sides of the tubs.
China is filled with all sorts of temples. People visit different temples to pray for different things. THIS was the most amazing part of the day. We stopped at a very small temple. Janvi told us that the people who go to this particular temple are writers. I went and stood in front of this temple and I prayed. I prayed for help in telling the story of how my great-great uncle was taken care of as he walked around the world. I prayed for guidance in telling the story of Doug and I finishing the walk for him and I prayed that I might be blessed to tell our stories in such a way that every person who reads the book wold feel inspired and changed.
I realize it’s going to take a lot of dedication and work on my part but a little help from the other side sure couldn’t hurt. Doug and I would have walked right past this town if I hadn’t hurt my toe. Maybe I was meant to stop at this temple. I keep getting goose pimples.
If you are ever in Yuexiu and want a private tour, this is Janvi’s email address. Janvi@gzguide.net

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7 Responses to “Sometimes We Ask For Guidance. Sometimes We Are Unknowingly Being Led.”

  1. Jeannie

    Beautiful, it is already a beautiful story unfolding, and when you sit to actually put it in print, it will write itself. I personally cannot wait to read it. Many blessings, love and support to you.

    • Micae Martinet

      Thanks Jeannie, I think there were a few things I was meant to learn from this journey.

  2. Ann McGuffey

    I’m sorry you had to stop walking, but it sounds like you’re still meeting great people!

    • Micae Martinet

      Thanks Ann, we really are having a great time. Doug and I had talked about coming back to China so that we could slow dpwn, stop and see things. Fate had something else planned. Instead, wre are stopping and seeing things now and will come back to finish the walk.

  3. Janvi

    After read a few travel notes from your blog, it’s absolutely a pretty amazing trip in China.
    Corrected a mistake, my email is Janvi@gzguide.net
    Enjoy the rest of your stay. I hope you will get well soon : )

  4. Tigger

    This story is so inspiring ! I shared it with my friends in China and I really hope that I can do something for you!

    • Micae Martinet

      We are starting the walk soon. We hope to begin by June 27th at the latest. Stay tuned!


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