We made it back home and it is so nice to be in the comfort of familiar surroundings and in our own bed. Even so, those last few hundred miles are stretching out in front of me and I am so anxious and eager and itching to complete them. I’m counting the months and weeks and days untill we can go back, strap on our backpacks and take our first steps along the 324 headed to Shenzhen.
The waiting seems unbearable. Imagine someone sitting down on a piano bench and pressing the keys one by one- C-D-E-F-G-A-B and then stopping before terminating the loop by playing the closing C. It’s like missing the last 5 minutes of an intense movie or being obsessed with a book only to find the last chapter has been torn out.
I so badly want to finish this walk. I want to go back to Beilu and once again express my gratitude to Dr. Vincent. So much is waiting for us there. We have friends to meet and smiles to return. Most of all, I want to see the ferry terminal to Hong Kong off in the distance getting closer and closer and closer until we can at last walk up to that ticket window and buy our passage to Hong Kong having finished the around the world journey that my great great uncle embarked upon in 1920.
Please visit our website again in late June of 2016. If you are on Facebook, I will post an announcement. Until then, the countdown begins. Ten months, two weeks and…..

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  1. Cindy Lancaster

    Hello, I can’t wait to hear about this journey that you about to take again. I will be following you along the way. It is almost time I will check back at the end of the month.
    Take care, Cindy

    • Micae Martinet

      We will be starting soon. We hope to be on the road by June 27th at the latest. Keep checking in!


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