What our mornings look like.

What our mornings look like.

Pretty Flowers

Pretty Flowers

Doug gets mad when we are at outdoor restaurants and I feed the birds. This was an indoor restaurant and the chickens were coming and going as they pleased and I kept on accidentally dropping rice.

Doug gets mad when we are at outdoor restaurants and I feed the birds. This was an indoor restaurant and the chickens were coming and going as they pleased and I kept on accidentally dropping rice.

Up And At ‘Em!

We brought our A game today. We started at 4:30 am and even though I felt like my feet were dragging all day we still managed to do 17 and 3/4 miles and get into a hotel room before noon!
We enjoyed some AC and hand-washed our laundry before we went out to find some lunch and cold beer. Now we are back in our hotel room. Doug is lying on the bed with a pillow over his head trying to block out the cacophony of pig and duck noises coming from outside our window.
This is the beer that we had with our lunch today. Can you imagine trying to order a bottle of this in a crowded and noisy bar?rps20150629_153807


Believe it or not, this is not the first woman I’ve seen walking down the street with a tree trunk on her shoulder. I won’t even tell you how long it took me to catch up to and pass her. It’s shameful. She was at least 70 years old. rps20150628_180928I

Doug cannot resist the cheap firecrackers here. You can buy a huge roll of firecrackers the size of your thumb for $2 USD. He likes to light them off in the morning. He thinks they bring us good luck. One day he went into a roadside store to buy some and the old man working there became upset and kept saying “Mudi” over and over again. We actually know this word. It means “cenetery”. Many of the roadside stores that sell firecrackers also sell fake money. It looks nothing like actual Chinese currency.
Today we were passed by a bus and someone was throwing firecrackers out the back window followed by handfuls of fake money with the occasional very small denomination real currencyy. We were finding this fake money alongside the road for miles.
We picked some of it up to have a closer look. They are for ridiculously large denominations- 50 million and they actually say “dollars” on the back. The back side also says “Hell Bank Note”.
Doug and I are guessing that the money is for the person who died and in case they are going to hell, they will have money to buy their way out. It would seem that Satan speaks English, accepts US dollars and isn’t all that savvy.
I do however like that Doug has been lighting firecrackers off every day. It’s as if we have been unknowingly honoring my uncle the whole time. rps20150628_142846rps20150628_142930

In the last 6 weeks we’ve seen the Apple logo on a toilet, a motor scooter, chairs. This was a new one for us. Maybe we’ve just been gone too long. Isn’t is supposed to be “Dole”?
This other photo is just a shot of an impressive amount of ducks. When they cook and serve duck here, the head is served detached and in the bowl. They at least shut it’s eyes so it doesn’t look at you.

It’s another scorcher today. We started walking at 4:50 am and it’s 9:30 now and we just stopped for breakfast. We’ve walked 18 km so far and are trying to get in another 12 km before it gets too hot. My weather app says it will hit 99 today.
If I were at home I’d be sprawled on the bed under the ceiling fan lamenting the fact that I can’t make ice cubes out of tequila.
Alas, we are far from home but the views make it all worth it. I just have to remind myself to pick my eyes up from the road we are walking on and look to the left and look to the right and take in the steep green mountains that we are walking in between. They are really beautiful.
This photo is from the 7:00 am rush hour in Guohua. This particular water buffalo stopped long enough to look me up and down from head to toe and then went on his way. We get stares from just about everyone here.rps20150628_093006

It’s soooo hot here! I took a screen shot of the weather report for tomorrow. I’m not looking forward to it. Today I was torturing myself thinking about that ice bar at the Mandalay Bay hotel in Las Vegas. The whole room is ice, the furniture is ice, the walls are ice, the bar top is ice, the glasses are ice. ICE!! And soooo cold!rps20150627_152003

Duck, Duck, Mango.

Just about every tree we pass now is some variety of mango. Every street vendor we pass is selling mangos. We pass piles of fermenting mango peels and pits high enough to climb. I swear you could catch a buzz if you just stood there long enough.
The other big industry here is raising ducks. It is the most widely available meat in this part of China. Yesterday we walked through a town and literally every home had a duck coop in the gront yard. We have even seen people taking their ducks out for walks. Ducks are surprisingly orderly and obedient. Doug saw a man walking his ducks last night. The man was using the beam from his flashlight to guide them along. He would walk behind the ducks and point his flashlight in the direction he wanted the ducks to go and they would follow the light.
We also discovered a new favorite dish. No, its not duck! It’s lotus root! It’s not that it’s so flavorful and unique tasting. I think what we like so much about it is just the novelty of it. It’s white and crisp and has little holes that run all the way through it. It was served to us thinly sliced snd sautéed with celery and some kind of mushroom. We can’t wait to try making it at home.

We did some calculations this evening. We have now walked 653 miles and have another 492 miles to go. That means that we have to walk 15.8 miles a day for the rest of the trip. The mileage isn’t the hard part; it’s the heat that gets to us. We try to get up at 4:30am and be on the road shortly after 5:00. It works in theory. We are going to have to try a little harder.


Because China is one day ahead of Kirkland, I know that I am the very first person to wish Morgan and Chloe a very happy birthday. Chloe and Morgan, I hope you have a wonderful and fun filled day. I will be thinking of you both tomorrow, when it is today for you ; )
Auntie Micae

Taking A Zero

Two nights in the sane hotel and no walking- that’s called taking a zero. We have only done that one other time in the last 5 weeks. My foot is painful and needs more rest and Doug needs to look for new sandals. A little product un-endorsement here….. the sole of Doug’s brand new Teva sandal developed a deep crack that runs horizontally across the ball of the shoe (if that makes any sense) it’s been like that since mile 200. Not cool Teva. We expect more from $100+ sandals.