Bus Travel

We got on a bus today. We are slowly making our way back to Hong Kong. We are making little stops here and there, overnight stays so we can see points of interest. It’s all Doug’s planning. I have no idea what’s in store for us. I just know that it was so sad and disappointing to not be walking the highway we were riding on.
Yesterday when we were in a car, we passed one of the highway 324 kilometer markers and all i coukd do was try snd exhale all of the sadness and heavyness that I was feeling . In the past weeks we’ve passed so many of them (1,400?) and always on foot. I’ve stopped and sat on them, catching my breath, enjoying the shade, letting the sweat dry from my shirt.
Now we are in a hotel room. Its raining outside. We are on the 7th floor. It’s a nice enough room. It has AC. It’s clean. It just doesn’t feel as good as it would have felt after walking 18 miles.

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  1. Patsy

    Like Forest Gump says “life is like a box of chocolates, you never know what your going to get”!
    Enjoy the rest of the journey! You did good!!

  2. Rob

    Actuall cool that you should be able to see quite a bit toward the end of this trip, enjoy it! Great excuse to return next summer :)

    I’m stopping in HK late Aug before Thailand!



    • Micae Martinet

      Aw, I wish we all could have been in HK at the same time. That would have been fun.


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