It was the best of times, it was the worst of times, it was the age of blisters and ear infections, it was the season of heat, it was the season of 3:00 am start times and 10:00 am hotel check in times because it’s just too darn dangerously hot to be outdoors.

And then, when my blisters that had gotten blisters got more blisters we said ” There is a port that has a ferry that goes to Hong Kong and it is 40 miles closer than the one in Shenzhen”. 

Since I think I only have another quarter inch of flesh on the bottom of my foot  before I officially hit bone. We are opting for the shorter route. I’m not going to say how many miles we have walked or when we expect to be in Hong Kong because last time I did that,  it ended badly for me and my foot and I’m not going to tempt the fates and I’m not coming back here again to finish Hippolyte’s walk for a third time. 
I’m posting blister pictures so beware.


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  1. Thomas A. Martinet

    It probably is a combination of friction and heat. I am very sorry for your feet. We take them so much for granted, until we can’t use them. The ferry sounds like a very good idea!


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